Technology for Urban Planning

PlaceVision provides consulting and web development services for community engagement websites and visualization tools for zoning, economic  development, comprehensive plans, and land use planning

Website Design & Development

We develop WordPress websites that use the latest plugins and templates to deliver information in the most appropriate, user-friendly, and visually appealing way

Community Engagement

We have a cutting-edge community participation tool, Community Remarks™, a results-oriented tool to solicit quality citizen feedback online and through smartphones

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Personalized Customer Service

Crystal has an outstanding reputation for patiently working with clients to interpret requirements into websites, provide technical support, and help planners leverage the latest technology

Crystal Wilson, the founding principal, has over ten years experience blending the communication needs of planners with the expectations of the public. She has expertise in the areas of web design and usability, web mapping, and marketing and has been a repeat speaker at APA conferences about the keys to successful engagement strategies based on her own work. She leverages a background in advertising, Bachelor’s in English and a Master’s in Urban Planning to build successful websites.

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Web development

Our communications strategy starts with a solid website foundation for up-to-date content dissemination, then we introduce website tools throughout the process to tell a story, communicate, and solicit feedback. The website is a key hub for the planning project to be utilized throughout the process and later for an interactive web-based layperson’s guide to plan implementation.

Community Engagement

Once the website foundation has been created, we introduce applications to generate interest and engage citizens. We  integrate the following types of citizen engagement applications:

  • Idea generation
  • Place-based comments on a map
  • Photo sharing vision board


Once the plan’s key components are summarized, we utilize a variety of interactive applications to present information and solicit feedback. We will help you identify creative ways to present information on the website.

For districts and neighborhoods, we use Google Earth to showcase summaries on layered maps. This tool effectively consolidates complex information into a user-friendly environment to make it easy to understand and explore. It can also be leveraged throughout the implementation process to track progress, make notes, and share GIS content with stakeholders and planners.

Plan Implementation

Rather than discarding the site and tools once the plan has been created, they can be leveraged for implementation purposes. The website should continue to be used as the central hub of project information and implementation. For example, the site will continue to serve as the source of news to its audience. It will house a document library. Google Earth and other tools can be creatively leveraged to present the user manuals for the plan and linked to other website resources.
SiteVista A property inventory of potential parcels can be presented through our website application, SiteVista®, designed to make it easy for planners to manage parcel information and update it over time. We can attach images, PDF documents to properties and present them on a map in the context of zoning, existing infrastructure, and transportation layers. The website serves as an interactive publication of the plan update with accompanied GIS layers of the site inventory planners can manage.

What We Do

We are very busy and that’s why we only choose to work on certain types of projects. Here is what we do (results don’t tally to 100):

Website Design & Development 70%
Community Remarks for Community Engagement 35%
SiteVista for Economic Development 35%
Marketing & Social Media 20%
Experimental Visualization 10%

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Clients & Testimonials

Craft Architecture
Laflin Design Group
St Lucie TPO
Teska Associates
4Ward Planning
  • Crystal exceeded expectations throughout the re-design process of our company’s website. We here at Teska are thoroughly pleased with the final product that her design team at PlaceVision prepared for us. Not only did she satisfy our needs by preparing a hip, functional website based on our feedback from in-person meetings and discussions but she further enhanced it by infusing it with her own flare. Our website clearly displays the outstanding skill set Crystal and her team brought to the table. Additionally, when met with a time crunch to perfect our site prior to co-hosting the APA Upper-Midwest Conference, Crystal stepped-up to the plate and made sure it was in tip-top shape prior to showcasing the event. Moving forward, we would just like to reiterate the positive experience we had and how happy we are with the final product. Kudos!
    Erin Cigliano, AICP
    New Media Specialist Teska Associates
  • My recommendation of Crystal’s work as a Web Designer can not do her work justice, and is understatement of the benefits her experience provides. The reality is that the services not only included the Web design, but also the implementation of Web based tools and applications that benefit our business both short and long term. Our new Web Site allows us to immediately reach more potential new clients, but also maintain an ongoing relationship with our existing clientele. Simply put, her work is smartly balanced to deliver a fully integrated, yet expandable package!
    Craft Architecture
    Christoper Dasse
    President Craft Architecture
  • Crystal is an expert in the field of web development but she goes beyond what you might expect from your web specialist. Crystal combines a thorough knowledge of web development with her gift of creativity to provide a web experience to users that is intuitive and a pleasure to use. She brings an understanding of the shift in marketing strategies that apply to the internet and helps her clients to communicate with their clients and prospects. I am amazed at Crystal’s understanding of how to reach the right people through the web and how to present the right message to those people. Her approach goes beyond development of an outstanding website and includes additional tools to make production of marketing pieces for ongoing use easy and current. Crystal is forward thinking in her long-term approach to web development and is an asset to my firm. I highly recommend her services for complete and intuitive web development.
    Katrina Laflin
    President Laflin Design Group
  • One major component of our engagement strategy has been our project website. Crystal created website design elements, designed and developed the project website, produced a photo contest app, managed content, and designed our newsletters, among other tasks. In talking with others from around the nation about The Tomorrow Plan, they frequently mention how “impressed and jealous” they are of the website. Frankly, Ms. Wilson has been a lynchpin in developing our strong online presence, and we could not be happier to be working with her.
    The Tomorrow Plan
    Bethany Wilcoxon
    The Tomorrow Plan Project Manager Des Moines Area MPO
  • As a Urban Planning firm where public involvement is essential, we realized there was an unmet need for creative engagement. We have used this application for numerous projects which has allowed us to reach a more diverse and broader audience than traditional tools alone can achieve. Our clients appreciate an alternative, proactive, and innovative means to collect resident feedback.
    Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 5.00.31 PM
    Ben Carlisle, AICP, LEED AP
    Carlisle/Wortman Associates
  • If you’re looking for an effective way to engage residents and learn more about your community from the people who live there and know it best, I highly suggest using PlaceVision’s Community Remarks tool. Teska has integrated CR in over a dozen project websites to give residents a way to share their ideas and map comments online. It’s highly customizable, easy to use, and a great way to get the community involved. Community Remarks has been extremely effective in letting us know what to focus on for a variety of projects.
    Erin Cigliano, AICP
    New Media Specialist Teska Associates
  • We used the Community Remarks tool as a way to broaden our public outreach efforts through technology and increase public input to inform our planning process. After reviewing similar tools, we chose Community Remarks because the tool is easy to navigate and cost effective. We have enjoyed working with Crystal; she is very knowledgeable and professional and worked with us to make sure the map was exactly what we wanted.
    Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 4.41.13 PM
    Stephanie Smith
    Community Engagement Coordinator A*VISTA
  • Crystal is a key partner in our public engagement efforts. She is incredibly responsive and is always working to improve Community Remarks. We have worked with her on two transportation projects and have a few more in the pipeline. Over the course of these projects she has incorporated numerous new features to address specific project needs as they arise. Her planning background is invaluable as she understands what we are trying to accomplish and often takes our ideas the next step. She is a pleasure to work with.
    Norman Cox, PLA, ASLA
    The Greenway Collaborative