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Technology for Urban Planning

PlaceVision provides consulting and web development services for community engagement websites and visualization tools for zoning, economic  development, comprehensive plans, and land use planning

Website Design & Development

We develop WordPress websites that use the latest plugins and templates to deliver information in the most appropriate, user-friendly, and visually appealing way

Community Engagement

We have a cutting-edge community participation tool, Community Remarks™, a results-oriented tool to solicit quality citizen feedback online and through smartphones

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Personalized Customer Service

Crystal has an outstanding reputation for patiently working with clients to interpret requirements into websites, provide technical support, and help planners leverage the latest technology

Our Services

Web development

Our communications strategy starts with a solid website foundation for up-to-date content dissemination, then we introduce website tools throughout the process to tell a story, communicate, and solicit feedback. The website is a key hub for the planning project to be utilized throughout the process and later for an interactive web-based layperson’s guide to plan implementation.

Community Engagement

Once the website foundation has been created, we introduce applications to generate interest and engage citizens. We  integrate the following types of citizen engagement applications:

  • Idea generation
  • Place-based comments on a map
  • Photo sharing vision board


Once the plan’s key components are summarized, we utilize a variety of interactive applications to present information and solicit feedback. We will help you identify creative ways to present information on the website.

For districts and neighborhoods, we use Google Earth to showcase summaries on layered maps. This tool effectively consolidates complex information into a user-friendly environment to make it easy to understand and explore. It can also be leveraged throughout the implementation process to track progress, make notes, and share GIS content with stakeholders and planners.

Plan Implementation

Rather than discarding the site and tools once the plan has been created, they can be leveraged for implementation purposes. The website should continue to be used as the central hub of project information and implementation. For example, the site will continue to serve as the source of news to its audience. It will house a document library. Google Earth and other tools can be creatively leveraged to present the user manuals for the plan and linked to other website resources.
Crystal Wilson, the founding principal, has over ten years experience blending the communication needs of planners with the expectations of the public. She has expertise in the areas of web design and usability, web mapping, and marketing and has been a repeat speaker at APA conferences about the keys to successful engagement strategies based on her own work. She leverages a background in advertising, Bachelor’s in English and a Master’s in Urban Planning to build successful websites.

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